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BSG Chemie Leipzig has been relegated after a 5-0 defeat against Herta Berlin II.  Once again, with minimum chances, Chemie Leipzig struggles on the road. There are a minimum of three teams relegated because of two teams from the 3rd league will move down to the 4th league.




Away Tie

A win was much needed as BSG Chemie Leipzig traveled to Oberlausitz Neugersdorf. Unfortunately, a 0-0 draw was the result with such few chances from both teams. Chemie Leipzig remains on thin ice in the relegation zone.


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Loss at Home

At home, BSG Chemie Leipzig lost to Germania Halberstadt 0-3. Halberstadt, like Chemie Leipzig, were promoted last year to the Regionalliga. They are finding more success in the new league compared to Chemie. Chemie Leipzig continues to fight in the relegation zone.